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CONTACT / PRICES for 2020-2021

                 Jeremy Keene
                 46801 Kirkpatrick Rd
                 Pendleton, Or, 97801
                 Ph or text 1-541-969-2301

 Note: please call ahead of time to  
            schedule drop off. Thank you
Click here                                   Field Care/Storage Tips:
1. If you have shot a trophy bird try to retrieve it yourself if possible and safe to do so, many dogs can damage a trophy during retrieval.
2. Try to keep bird clean and cool until it can be frozen, try to rinse off excess blood if possible but it is not a must as bird will be cleaned. 
3.Do your best to store/freeze bird in multiple layers of plastic bags and keep as much air out as possible. Try not to bend tail/wing feathers if possible during storage. Nylon stocking and newspaper are poor insulators and do nothing for freezer burn. Remember air exposure is the enemy in a freezer.
4. If you have a trophy bird down but have damaged it, dont give up on it until I have inspected it, as most damage can be repaired, if you also have shot a bird hard and have feathers on the ground but feel the bird is worth mounting ALWAYS collect the feathers and send in with the bird. 
5. Frost free freezers are notorious for freezer burn, try to keep storage limited to 6 months or less to avoid damage of your trophy and time consuming repair work.

Cl                                              PRICES FOR 2022-2023

                                           Standing                    Flying                  STRUTTING

Pheasant -                                   265.00                           275.00                        285.00
Quail-                                           210.00                           220.00 
Chukar/Hun-                                230.00                           240.00

Ruffed/Spruce-                           255.00                            265.00                       280.00

Sharp tail, Blue, Prairie-            270.00                            280.00                       300.00

Sage Grouse-                             320.00                            330.00                       375.00

Turkey-                                        765.00                            785.00                       785.00

Turkey Tail/Beard-                     185.00 
Turkey Tail/Beard/Feet-             200.00
Turkey Tail/Beard/Feet/Wing-   300.00
Turkey Shoulder Mount            420.00

Ducks Puddler/Diver -                265.00                            275.00   (Woodduck 5.00 xtra)
Sea Ducks-                                  280.00                            290.00


Small- (Cackler, Ross)               305.00                            320.00
Med- ( Snow,Speck)                   370.00                            390.00
Large-(Greater's, West)             450.00                            475.00
​Swans - Tundra                        1400.00    Trumpeter      1500.00

                                                            Reptile Pricing 

Tanned Snake Rugs-     4.75 per inch (min 75.00)
Snake Skin Mounts-      12.00 per inch (min 200.00)
Casted Replicas-           Priced on request 

Lizards,Turtles, Alligators and Amphibians-       Priced on request 

Note: All prices reflect mounts to be placed on basic base, branch, fence post or driftwood. Premium bases or habitat work will be extra and is priced on request.  I require a 50.00 deposit on most birds with the exception of geese are 75.00 and turkeys are 150.00 . Balance due when bird is completed. All appropriate tags and information must accompany your specimen prior to being checked in. Current turn around time is based off of work load but generally is 5-6 months. Thanks for looking and please give us a call if I can help you with your trophy. 

​Note: Exotics priced on request

Note: There will be a 30% increase for salted skins

Note: Additional shipping, handling and material fees will apply on shipping your bird. I have a base handling fee of 35.00 on ALL boxes shipped and this may increase due to size and packing requirements. Please inquire if you plan to have your specimen shipped back to you. There will be insurance placed on the package but Uplander's Taxidermy will assume no liability for damage caused by the shipping carrier and it will be the Customers responsibility to pursue claims with the carrier company
If you would like to ship a bird then this is what I ask.

1. Consider shipping 2nd air as this will insure the bird gets here frozen if
packaged properly but for some folks…. the expense may be too much, so the only
other way I would ship is through the Postal Service using their 
Priority mail service which is a (nonguaranteed)  3-4 days. You must ship either on a Mon
or Tues (Monday is best)…. just to give the package that extra day of
cushion of not getting hung up in a Warehouse over a weekend like
what may happen if you shipped in the middle of the week.

2. Please contact me prior to shipping to be sure I will be home and
am not gone out of town....otherwise your package may sit on the porch
thawing out instead of being put in the freezer or skinned.....you
must contact me before you ship so I can be looking for your package.

3. When you package the bird, I ask that the bird is placed in a plastic
baggie to avoid any leakage of fluids and then you wrap it well with
newspaper or adult diapers (Depends) you can get at Wall mart for
cheap which helps to absorb moisture that may escape. BE SURE YOU HAVE
from the freezer to its packaging to the post office.....this will buy
a lot of time for the bird, at least 2 extra days as opposed to
sending it un-thawed. Also take 3 or4 plastic disposable water or
Gatorade type bottles that you have filled with water and have also
frozen solid and pack these around the bird. Note: These bottles need
to have the caps on very tight and also need to be in a plastic bag of
sorts because as they sweat they will leak moisture.... if the Post
Office detects leakage they will hang up the box in a Bio-Hazard
container until they contact the sender for retrieval at which point
your bird will be ruined as this takes a week or two before they
contact you......plus they may charge you for Haz-Mat disposal fees if needed…..this can be expensive!

4. Fill all voids of the box… top, bottom and sides with crumpled up
newspaper to help insulate the bird in the center of its box.....DON'T
TOP! Please have it in the center of the package to insure adequate insulation on all sides.

5. Another VERY effective way to insulate is to wrap bird in its plastic bag
and then wrap the bird tightly in wall/house type insulation
batting if you have some laying around. Also tape the ends shut so the
bird is totally encapsulated. I will get birds from the east coast
mailed on a Monday and delivered to me on a Fri that are still mostly
frozen when they have been wrapped in house insulation.