ClHello, my name is Jeremy Keene owner and operator of, Uplanders Taxidermy. We are located in the heart of North Eastern Oregon just east of Pendleton, nestled at the foot of the beautiful Blue Mountains. We are truly blessed to live in such a diverse and beautiful part of the country. 
I am an avid bird enthusiast and hunter and take plenty of opportunity to experience and observe all types of game birds in their natural habitat. I have a passion and extensive knowledge of birds and reptiles and  continually seek to improve my knowledge base which I believe is reflected in my work. I strive to capture a true and realistic interpretation of your prized trophy.     
Getting your special trophy mounted with high quality, reasonable turn around, and affordable prices are the foundation of my business.                  I look forward to discussing your next project with you and helping you and your family preserve the memories of those special hunts. Thanks for visiting and please contact me if you have any questions text or call me @ 1-541-969-2301
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  1/1/2024. To my Valued Customers, these last 3 years have seen a huge increase in my workload of birds coming in and has pushed my turn around out to approximately 1 year. Also its worth mentioning that the supply chain... thanks to Covid has also made it difficult to get certain supplies/products and the industry just now seems to be recovering. This too has affected my turn around.  As many of you know I also work full time as a Fire Captain and can only spend a certain number of days in the studio until I retire from the Fire Dept. That being said I will only be able to accept a certain number of birds before I need to close my freezer to successfully complete the received workload. Please call or text to see if I have reached my quota for the season. I hope to retire early next year and this will increase my availability to take on more work in the near future.